Consider this a introduction

I guess this is a place for proper introduction. So welcome, please look around and try not to break things.

My name is Stanislav but most people just call me Stan. I prefer it that way too. I live in Melbourne, Australia - the most livable city in the world as they say, with my beautiful wife Alexandra. She is very good at photography, so go check her out.

I call myself a software engineer, old-school name for somebody who make computers do thing for other people. There are many different titles used by different companies to describe this role and I simply don’t care.

Generally I specialize on web backends, APIs design and cloud automation on Amazon Web Services platform. These are a very broad topics, yes. I take care of the important stuff such as scalability, security and integrations of the modern web infrastructure on public cloud platform. A lot of what I do can be described as automation of the development release cycle. Currently I work for FluentCommerce as a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. Most of the professional history is mentioned in LinkedIn but you can download a copy of my CV too.


There are a few things I did or contributed to and think that they quite good. Check them out below:

  • OpenVZ - First in class virtualization platform for Linux. They were called containers before it was cool.
  • Anturis - Your web-based SaaS monitoring suite with internal and external metrics. Robus UI with ExtJS and Redis + Cassandra in the back
  • Cyclozzo - Reimplementation of Google’s App Engine on physical hardware with auto-balancing of load and cluster management
  • HyperTable - Open source version of Google’s BigTable. This was used by Cyclozzo as a backend for application’s SDKs.
  • GMLib - SDL 2 and C++ library for sprite-based applications i.e. 2D games of all forms and sizes.

The rest of less interesting or important stuff can be found over the github


In case you want to reach me the best way is an email. If you think you’d better give me a call - reconsider and write an email instead. Otherwise there are github & linkedin messages. But seriously just write me an email.

Thanks for reading!