Semi-random update of the blog

Another attempt at writing something

1 minute read

Covid year I’ve decided to update About page of this site since it got very outdated and gave some people wrong information. Now it should reflect up to date status.

Python in Kore.IO is official

The experiment to integrate python runtime with concluded to be successful

2 minute read python support In recent days Kore finally got python support merged in. It was an interesting experiment. I’ve learned a bit more about CPython API. And now I am much more confident in embedding python and scripting runtime in general into C apps. My experimental code didn’t make it directly into the kore codebase because I was essentially monkey patching each internal callback with switch to call into python.

Kore.IO and Python

Sometimes C is not everything you need

1 minute read

How python found it’s way into Kore So I couldn’t help myself and got into tweaking and hacking Kore. It is such an awesome tool for clean and clear C networking and http(s). But C being C means it is still time consuming to iterate changes and see how they affect your application. I am using Kore now to build Servo, but it takes more time to get this thing running.

The Kore Web Framework

Backend development in C got much better since 1999

3 minute read

Rise and fall of (Fast)CGI Early days of services development for internet were pretty dark. At the very beginning there little to no reason to have any actual logic in the back of a web page because page of the nature of those pages. HTML back in 1999 was meant to be read and mostly by a very few people. And such as there was no need to pass anything back to server, there was no backend.

Hugo is the new Black

Migration to Hugo from homegown static site generator

1 minute read

Looking for a new home So I’ve finally derided to resurrect my site and migrate it to something more featured than my old homegrown static site generator. The Hugo seems to be the best around and so I’ve migrated most of my stuff to it. Also this site (and a few others) is how hosted in my personal VPS at DigitalOcean. No more heroku workers spawning on depend - and ability to host additional services at the same time.

Broken updates in GitBuddy 91, Fixes in 92

GitBuddy getting... buddier

1 minute read

Build 92 was uploaded just now with lots of fixes and improvements. Release notes are here. Instruments say that there are no memory leaks & all reported crashes were fixed. Thanks for bug reports I’ve received. Grab a new version and report any problems you may found. There is a bug in GitBuddy Beta .91 which is preventing new updates from passing signature check. The problem caused by missing configuration line in Info.