ScyllaDB I/O latency quest

How Scylladb fought and won a war with I/O latency

1 minute read

A very in-depth article from our friends at ScyllaDB about how they fought an I/O latency bug in Linux CFQ scheduler. Big latencies? It’s open season for kernel bug-hunting! I remember myself back in like 4 years ago struggling to understand how can select on non-blocking socket take anywhere up to a 15 seconds to return on AWS. However my issue was not related to the scheduler but the quest and persistence of ScyllaDB team is just another reminder that there are people who really care.

Building ExtJS app with fabric

How to make a custom build flow of ExtJS applications with fabric

6 minute read

The problem ExtJS is a well known javascript framework for creating rich and powerful web applications. Basically it allows you to implement the whole user experience in javascript on client side in a way very similar to desktop widget toolkits. The ExtJS comes both as GPL and commercial and has several tools used to work with it. First of all there is a stand alone development IDE with interface designer called Architect.

Mac OS X Dashboard Widget from scratch

Anturis widget for Mac OS X dashboard

1 minute read

The Anturis is not just a monitoring service but a monitoring platform with rich and powerful RESTFull api. It’s designed to give our users a way to get information, metrics and analysis from the system, extend analytic’s logic and customize the monitoring activities. The API can be used by a number of tools out of the box and we provide a custom python module which implements easy to use proxy objects.