ECS Autoscaling with CloudFormation

Autoscaling ECS services with combination of target tracking and stepped scaling policies.

5 minute read

ECS Autoscaling The topic of ECS autoscaling is a vast area of heated discussions and broken dreams. It is quite hard to come up with efficient scaling policies for your ECS services. And the more distributed your architecture, the more issues with cascading load and increasing latency you are going to face. But fear not, the promised salvation in form of autoscaling for your services is here to save the day and distribute your computing load evenly across your micro services.

DynamoDB Autoscaling with CloudFormation

Autoscaling DynamoDB capacity for fun and profit.

4 minute read

DynamoDB Autoscaling DynamoDB autoscaling is a feedback-loop based monitoring setup which can dynamically change provisioned capacity for the table or global secondary index. There are two ways one can define autoscaling policy for this resource: Step scaling policy Target tracking policy Step scaling policy The first kind of policy - step scaling - is based on CloudWatch alarms. This approach is the original autoscaling policy, the kind of which has been available to us from the beginning of days.

Python in is official

The experiment was concluded to be successful

2 minute read python support In recent days Kore finally got python support merged in. It was an interesting experiment. I’ve learned a bit more about CPython API. And now I am much more confident in embedding python and scripting runtime in general into C apps. My experimental code didn’t make it directly into the kore codebase because I was essentially monkey patching each internal callback with switch to call into python.