Mac OS X Dashboard Widget from scratch

Anturis widget for Mac OS X dashboard

1 minute read

Mac OS X Dashboard widget in javascript The Anturis is not just a monitoring service but a monitoring platform with rich and powerful RESTFull api. It’s designed to give our users a way to get information, metrics and analysis from the system, extend analytic’s logic and customize the monitoring activities. The API can be used by a number of tools out of the box and we provide a custom python module which implements easy to use proxy objects.

Broken updates in GitBuddy 91, Fixes in 92

GitBuddy getting... buddier

1 minute read

Build 92 was uploaded just now with lots of fixes and improvements. Release notes are here. Instruments say that there are no memory leaks & all reported crashes were fixed. Thanks for bug reports I’ve received. Grab a new version and report any problems you may found. There is a bug in GitBuddy Beta .91 which is preventing new updates from passing signature check. The problem caused by missing configuration line in Info.